Montenegro Provisioning: A selection of fine food products.

The first time Charly and I visited we were totally enchanted with Montenegro’s beauty. The jaw dropping landscape with its proximity to the water really struck a chord. So our motivation to expand the Yacht Pantry into Montenegro wasn’t purely based on business reasons, but a genuine excitement to be a part of this wonderful new place!

Finding its feet. Just.

Finding its feet. Just.

A stones throw from Italy, Greece and Croatia, Montenegro has long been known for its breathtaking beauty. The mystical bay of Kotor is sometimes called Europes southern most fiord and is a UNESCO listed world natural and historical site. The nightlife of Budva with its restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and Porto Montenegro in Tivat with its stunning vernacular architecture has Europe and the world talking. Montenegro is now touted as the gateway to the Adriatic Europes new yachting playground. The tax free opportunities and yacht friendly customs procedures also are a bonus!

Demand for Quality

For all its amazing natural beauty Monetengro has had its fair share of conflict. From Roman times to the 90’s it has been occupied or at war with most of Europe. In 1996, the government severed ties between Montenegro and the Serbian regime, and in 2006 the Montenegrin Parliament declared the independence of Montenegro.

So now as Montenegro is finding its feet and establishing itself on the world stage, demand for quality food products has increased dramatically. A visit to the local supermarket can be a bit of a disappointment with the lack of many items you can easily find in the Western Med. But don’t stress that’s why we’re here! The Yacht Pantry Montenegro is based in Tivat with easy access to marinas Porto Montenegro, Kotor and Budva. Porto Montenegro is home to some of the Mediterranean’s finest yachts and superyachts, and is a world-class marina offering waterfront and promenade residences in the heart of the Adriatic.

Finding its feet. Just.
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