Like you. Our passion is food.

We love to personally select the freshest and highest quality products that this wonderful coastline can offer. But we know that’s just half the job. Delivery, service and local knowledge make the Yacht Pantry the only option for provisioning in Croatia.

The hands on approach

Living locally definitely has its advantages. It's not just the sun, the fabulous beaches and the climate! Because we live in Croatia we have trusted relationships with the best local suppliers. In fact our produce, herbs, and salads are fresh from the market every morning. So we apologise if we have the odd bit of soil under our fingernails!

We pack your order with care and attention it deserves. If we can't source something you will be kept in the loop with the best available alternatives throughout the order process. It's the hands on approach that you will come to know and love.

Fresh World RUNGIS Express

As well as working with our trusted local suppliers, The Yacht Pantry is now able to offer a complete range of fine foods ready to import daily on request. Whether a smaller shipment by air or larger shipment by road, we handle every step and deliver direct to your yacht. From Koppert cress and edible flowers to ready to eat Thai mango's, fresh Canadian Halibut to wild Scottish Salmon. Together with our fine foods exclusive partner we have carefully put together our ˝Import to order˝ catalogue, but if there is an item you need that we have overlooked, chances are we can now get it ˝Fresh from the worlds markets˝!


From the first point of contact we understand the importance of building a relationship. This means being 100% committed and available to you - we are your eyes, ears and noses on the ground! You can trust us to make the right choices to make your job easier. In fact we love to make you look good. Return business is fast becoming our speciality.

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Kiwi's Can Fly Wanlop & Franka at the beach

Back in 2007 we recognised the need for a professional, efficient provisioning service for luxury yachts visiting the Adriatic. With Charly's extensive chef experience on yachts, and my family ties in Croatia we packed our bags and turned an opportunity into a reality! Eight seasons later we now call Croatia home and have a fleet of vehicles delivering the freshest and highest quality products available.

Give us a call or drop us an email we’d love to supply you!

- Wanlop Paunovic